Meditation Tools help hone your meditation skills

Meditation tools offer a way to expand your exerience and enhance your focusing skills.  This site will offer many ideas and tools for your interest and review.

Few people can simply sit down and turn inward.  It takes serious commitment and effort to learn to still the mind, focus the intent and direct your being where you want to go.  But none of the discipline required to accomplish this laser-focus intention and commitment to your goals is impossible to achieve.

All of life is a decision.  Once we make the decision to go after some goal and become victorious, we are, in fact, victors on our path. Decide and you are more than halfway there.  Do and you are 90% there.  Watch the manifestation of even your wildest dreams come true with clear intent and the decision to pursue.

Remember, the hardest part of meditation is deciding to meditate.

Meditation Works!

Tapping the Source

I just finished reading a book that I would recommend to anyone who desires to control their life rather than fall victim to the events that surround.

You may have heard of The Secret or of Abraham Hicks or maybe you have read Deepak Chopra’s works. All of these sources teach that you can manifest your dreams and intentions if you just cultivate the correct attitude and focus on your desires, avoiding negativity.

This concept is both true and not true at the same time. If your intentions occupy your mind only and you cannot develop a feeling for what you want, you will come close, but not really succeed long term with your goals and dreams.

What I like about Tapping the Source is that it not only adheres to those principles that we know work but it takes you to the next level and helps you with clearly defined steps and a methodology that you can follow in order to make real and lasting changes in your life.

The foundation of this teaching is:

  • Find the feeling of what you want and embrace it.
  • Take the feeling and build a vision as if it already exists.
  • Know that you are not only seeing the dream for yourself, but you must encompass the rest of the world in a harmonious balance with your world – have some compassion for others.
  • Giving is a natural and second side to the coin of receiving.
  • Know what you want, see what you want, expect what you want.
Tapping the Source provides a clear set of steps with a easy meditation and I find that the results range from a release of worry to an actual proof of manifesting your desires. Certainly your results will depend on how disciplined you are and how well you make this part of your life.

Meshing Your Ideas with Those of Others

It occurred to me that in order to harmonize my goals with others involved in my goals and dreams, I have to mesh with their thinking, make sure my intent is clear. So I tried this with a client one day and thought of the client and her concerns and goals. My thought was, “Jane will trust me and my judgment.”

When I called her, I explained what I wanted to do next on our project and her response was, “I trust your judgment and know you will do what is best.”

This is it. It’s all about a trained mind that can focus.


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